Find Your Balance:

A Program for Owning Your Truth and Living Unapologetically


Are you looking to Up Level your life both personally and professionally?

Do you need to Find Your Balance which will allow you to empower the kick-ass leader you are destined to be while also having time for yourself and loved ones?


We all take on so many roles in our lives from the workplace to our personal lives with family and friends. Being pulled in so many directions creates UNbalance in our lives. At times, we feel we are not being fully realized because we are so consumed with supporting others we forget to FIRST show up fully for ourselves.


In this program, you will be guided in how to strip away the layers in order to connect more deeply to your authentic self and find the balance that works for YOU, allowing you to show up unapologetically in your life. You will ignite the leader within you and learn tools to empower you both in your personal and professional life.


Are you ready to...

-       Set and achieve goals more effectively and efficiently

-       Recognize your obstacles and powerfully overcome them

-       Embody your authentic self and be seen as the real YOU

-       Empower the leader you are meant to be

-       Approach adversity and decisions with strength and confidence

-       Maintain meaningful relationships both professionally and personally

-       Develop a practice for sustained inner peace, happiness, and success

          throughout your life

Then FIND YOUR BALANCE is the program for you!


What does the program include?

In this 6-month program you get:

  • Six 1-hour 1:1 coaching calls
  • Access to materials for the 3 modules
  • Monthly mind/body exercises
  • Email Support

Here's a sneak peek of the 3 modules....


Module 1: Creating Your Foundation

You are the foundation for the life you are creating. The stronger your foundation the more confident you are. True confidence comes from within and when we approach the world unapologetically with a strong sense of self we are able to make decisions more effectively, deal with adversity more efficiently, and live a fuller, more successful life. In this module, you will clear the clutter to connect more deeply with your truth, your authentic self, and be provided tools to build a solid foundation and strengthen your self confidence.


Module 2: Manifesting Your Dreams

In order to manifest the changes we want to see in our lives, we need a plan. Proper goal setting is the key to seeing our dreams become realities. In this module, you will be guided in constructing smart goals, identifying distractions, and be provided techniques to overcome the obstacles and stay the course.


Module 3: Finding Your Balance

Balance is important to living a healthy and meaningful life. It is important to figure out what gives you joy, is rejuvenating, and how to make space for yourself. In this module, you will be guided in creating a mind, body, spirit practice that balances and supports YOU.   

To Say YES to yourself and set up your 30 min FREE Discovery call and start YOUR journey today!

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