To spur your thinking, here is a list of values excerpted from Stewart Friedman’s Total Leadership: Be a better leader, have a richer life and from Robert Lee and Sara King’s Discovering the Leader in You. Of course, this list is limited (by cultural and other biases); you may also choose terms that don’t appear on this list.


Achievement: a sense of accomplishment or mastery

Advancement: growth, seniority, and promotion resulting from work well done

Adventure: new and challenging opportunities, excitement, risk

Aesthetics: appreciation of beauty in things, ideas, and surroundings

Affiliation: interaction with other people, recognition as a member of a group, belonging

Affluence: high income, financial success, prosperity

Authority: position and power to control events and other people’s activities

Autonomy: ability to act independently with few constraints, self-reliance

Challenge: continually facing complex and demanding tasks and problems

Change and variation: absence of routine, unpredictability

Collaboration: close, cooperative working relationships with groups

Community: serving and supporting a purpose that supersedes personal desires

Competency: demonstrating high proficiency and knowledge

Competition: rivalry with winning as the goal

Courage: willingness to stand up for beliefs

Creativity: discovering, developing, or designing new ideas or things; demonstrating imagination

Diverse perspectives: unusual ideas and opinions that may not seem right or be popular at first

Duty: respect for authority, rules, and regulations

Economic security: steady and secure employment, adequate reward, low risk

Enjoyment: fun, joy, and laughter

Family: spending time with partner, children, parents, extended family

Friendship: close personal relationships with others

Health: physical and mental well-being, vitality

Helping others: helping people attain their goals, providing care and support

Humor: the ability to laugh at myself and at life

Influence: having an impact on the attitudes or opinions of others

Inner harmony: happiness, contentment, being at peace with yourself

Justice: fairness, doing the right thing

Knowledge: the pursuit of understanding, skill, and expertise, continual learning

Location: choice of a place to live that is conducive to a desired lifestyle

Love: involvement in close, affectionate relationships; intimacy

Loyalty: faithfulness; dedication to individuals, traditions, or organizations

Order: stability, routine, predictability, clear lines of authority, standardization

Personal development: dedication to maximizing potential

Physical fitness: staying in shape through physical activity and healthy nutrition

Recognition: positive feedback and public credit for work well done; respect and admiration

Responsibility: dependability, accountability for results

Self-respect: pride, self-esteem, sense of knowing oneself

Spirituality: strong spiritual or religious beliefs, moral fulfillment

Status: being respected for a job or an association with a prestigious group or organization

Trustworthiness: being known as reliable and sincere

Wisdom: sound judgment based on knowledge, experience, and understanding


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