“Let there be space in your togetherness."

Let there be space in your togetherness.
— Rumi

This week, I had the first class in a three part series to get my Reiki I certification. Reiki has fascinated me for many years, but only a few months ago did I actually receive a session. After a couple of sessions, I was even more intrigued and decided to continue going deeper by getting my level I training. After this week’s class, I began to think about the idea of space: physically, energetically, and emotionally. What does it mean to create and hold space?

Being a dancer and a teacher, space is an idea I often find myself exploring. It is the element of Dance I spend the most time teaching and talking about: how we take up space, the ways in which we move through space, how space limitations can change our movement, designing the space, etc. As a teacher and coach, I am very aware of space in terms of energy and providing a place where my students and clients feel safe to express themselves.

It is important to me that when holding the space for others to sift through their ideas in order to find a deeper connection to their authentic self that the energy is one of openness and compassion. I truly believe that as the holder of the space it is my responsibility to understand that my behaviors and beliefs will affect the inhabitants of that space. As I discussed last week, beliefs can be both debilitating and facilitating for people and many times the beliefs we hold do not even come from us. I am mindful of the questions I choose to ask and the opinions I choose to share. For, it is important to me that I am not influencing the space besides holding it open for self-discovery.

You don’t have to be a teacher, parent, or coach to create and hold space for others. We hold space for our friends when they need support. We hold space for our partners as they continue to grow. And we bring our energy into every space we encounter.

Take a moment to reflect on how you create and hold space for people in your life. Then take a moment and reflect on the spaces where you feel most comfortable and safe. Are they places that you created and hold for yourself, like your bedroom or home? Or are they places where others hold the space for you, like a yoga class, special interest group, or a close friend?

Notice if you are always holding space for others or if you tend to always take up space. It is important that we find a balance of holding and taking up space. If we are constantly holding space for others, we do need to find a way or place where we are being held and cared for. If you observed that you mostly take up space, then try to take a step back and maybe offer holding the space for others more. Energy should always be in a constant flow, when it gets stuck that is when we experience uneasiness and turmoil. By simply shifting how we hold and take up space, we can release the energy and restore balance.


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