Stress Management Program

I’m so stressed out!

Ugh...this is so stressful!

Why is there so much stress in my life?

We all experience and feel stress in different ways. Most of the time, we view stress negatively. However, not all stress is negative. In fact, in order for us to perform optimally, research has shown that a certain amount of stress is needed. If we can re-define how we respond to stress, we can build a new relationship with it; one where stress becomes a facilitating partner in our lives, not a debilitating one.


You will leave the program with 21 different practices that can be done in or out of the workplace, ranging from 1 min - 10 min. Plus, the accountability and partnership of working with an experienced coach to get clear on creating the life you dream of and deserve.

When we change our relationship with stress and create a practice that supports us on a daily basis we are able to:

* Achieve goals more efficiently *

* Engage in deeper and more meaningful relationships *

* Navigate adversity with ease *

* Live a more fulfilled and balanced life *

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I found Stephanie to be very easy to talk to. Her techniques in dealing with stress were very effective both in and out of the workplace. She helped me see different perspectives to avoid and resolve stressful situations. I would highly recommend Stephanie for working professionals.
— ~Jason Roberts, Principal Negotiator Asset Development, Equinor
I loved my sessions with Stephanie! Speaking to her came so easy and effortless; I never knew an hour could go by so quickly. I work in an industry that can be very stressful at times, and Stephanie provided great techniques to handle stress and frustration. For instance, now I always find myself at work periodically exercising my EFT tapping points. I had a great experience working with Stephanie, and I hope to be able to do so again in the future!
— ~Shannon Page, Senior Financial Analyst

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