Stephanie’s warmth, compassion, and common sense advice has made all the difference in my daughter’s high school experience. I trust her judgment and know that whatever my daughter might be grappling with that Stephanie will be there to support her. She has been a remarkable gift in our lives. May she be the same to yours.
— Laura Lopata, New York City parent
I know that Stephanie is always ready and open to help me with any issue I may have, from school to social to personal problems. Her advice and wisdom has truly shaped who I am today. Working with her, has better prepared me as I enter into my senior year of high school and get ready to embark on the college journey. She is thoughtful and amazing, and I know that any advice she gives me is most certainly worth taking.
— Bailey Landow, New York City teenager
Stephanie has been able to create a safe and supportive environment amongst a very stressful and competitive culture. Not only is she able to really see, listen, and help each of her students individually, but she also encourages the importance of community. There are many changes I have seen in my daughter from working with Stephanie. The tools she teaches have been invaluable; helping her to become more confident, to handle challenging situations with ease, and to empower her to be a strong leader. It is a relief and a blessing to know that my daughter has such a strong role model and mentor as she continues to navigate through these, what can be at times, tumultuous teenage years.
— Robyn Landow, Ph.D, New York City parent
When I speak to Stephanie, I know I am in a judgement free zone. She is often the first person I go to when I am having a hard day and she will go above and beyond to help me solve whatever issue I may have. I can talk to her about anything, and I don’t know how I would get through high school without her. I am so grateful Stephanie is in my life!
— Emma Richardson, New York City teenager

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