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Do you feel like you are being pulled in so many directions?

Do you feel like sometimes no one really understands or gets you?

Do you want to build your confidence so that you can wake up every day feeling empowered and excited?

Do you want to connect with people outside of your usual circles?

Do you want a space where you can feel free to express your struggles and share your accomplishments without being judged?


Do you want your teenager to build their confidence and feel more empowered so that they can experience greater success and more meaningful relationships?

Do you want your teenager to create their own mind/body practice and have tools at their disposal that can be used in both their academic and personal lives?

Do you want your teenager to have a space where they are always welcomed and belong?

Whether you are...

·      A ninth grader just starting your high school journey

·      A senior staring at that pile of college applications  

·      Somewhere in between


·      A parent wanting the absolute best for your child


And you’ve said YES to any of these questions, then The Tribe is for you!

The Tribe is an online community specifically geared towards creating a space for teenagers to go deeper into finding themselves, connecting with other teenagers outside of their usual social circles, building self confidence based on a strong internal foundation, feeling empowered to overcome obstacles, and discovering their passions in order to lead successful and engaged lives.

Why do we need The Tribe?

Over the last 15 years of working in the educational system, I noticed that there was a huge need for teenagers to have a space where they could feel safe to open up about their struggles, questions, fears, and dreams. They were missing a space where they could connect with teenagers who are going through similar experiences, but beyond their daily social circles and space where they don’t feel isolated and alone, but instead supported and encouraged.

Our schools are supposed to be a place where they can do this, yet not every student finds that teacher they connect with or a group where they feel completely accepted. And lets be honest, school is school and the achievement system it is built upon makes the concept of opening up to adults contradictory, especially when it feels as though doing and saying “right things” will affect your grade.

In addition, while parents are a wonderful and important support system and guide for their children, we know that there are topics that many children don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about.


How will The Tribe be different?

I have been fortunate to work in the educational field for the past 15 years in various states with a variety of ages and backgrounds. Though I enjoy working with students of all ages, I feel most passionate about working with teenagers and young adults. The teenage years are the best and the worst times, and sometimes both all at once.

Over the past few years, my focus with teenagers has shifted to introducing them to tools from Sport Psychology, Yoga, and Mindfulness so that they can build a practice (Mind, Body, and Spirit) that will serve them the rest of their lives.

These tools help them to overcome anxiety, to face challenges with confidence, perform optimally in the classroom, on the field, or on the stage, and to live a creative life driven by passion, curiosity, and purpose.

Very few schools teach our students about balance and wellness from this perspective. The Tribe takes away the pressure of grades and having to achieve a specific outcome. The members are able to engage in the material in a judgment free zone with the only goal of bettering their own well being. Being able to create a practice at this pivotal point in development will serve the student for the rest of their life.


So how does The Tribe work?

The Tribe utilizes different technology mediums such as Facebook groups, conference calls, and YouTube. The primary platform will be a closed Facebook group that only members can access and post to. In the group, daily questions, affirmations, challenges, and resources will be posted for the members to interact with. Each week, there will be Live Facebook office hours where members can write in questions and get direct feedback. In addition, there will be one group coaching call where members will have a number to call in to and receive one-on-one coaching while also listening to the feedback other members are receiving. If a member is not available during the specific office hours or coaching call times, they can submit any questions they have ahead of time so that they can still be answered and a recording of the call will be posted. And because we want to build our lifelong wellness practice using different modalities, each month there will be either a video or audio recording guiding members through a Yoga sequence, guided mediation, visualization exercise, etc. In addition, the forum is always open for when any member needs to share or get a little extra support from the Tribe.

  • A supportive community fostering growth, creativity, and purpose
  • Daily posts, challenges, affirmations
  • Weekly Live Facebook office hours
  • 1 group coaching call each month
  • 1 guided Mindfulness experience each month
  • Access to worksheets and resources


What are some of the outcomes from the program?

Every member’s journey will be slightly different, but here are some of the many possible outcomes you will take away.

  • A stronger sense of self and purpose
  • Confidence in who you are
  • The ability to communicate better and build more meaningful relationships
  • Tools that can be used in both academics and your personal life
  • A lifelong wellness practice that will support you in experiencing greater success


How long is the program and what is the investment?

The program is 8 months long (Oct – May). The different payment options are as follows:

  1. Intro Package – Pay for 3 months upfront. If you decide to continue, you can either pay the remaining balance or pay monthly for the remainder of the program
  2. Month to Month Package- Commit to the entire program and monthly payments of $200
  3. All In Package – Commit to the entire program, pay in full upfront and get $100 off  (Total of $1,500)
  4. Refer a Friend – When you refer a friend who signs up, you get a FREE 1 hour private coaching call!

***Please email for potential scholarship opportunities.







I look forward to sharing and guiding you through this journey!

to set up your 30 min Discovery Call to learn more about the program and ask additional questions.

Stephanie Simpson is a personal Life Coach/Speaker, artist, and educator living in NYC. Using her background in dance, yoga, mindfulness/meditation, Reiki, self psychology, and sport psychology, she guides people to achieve their greatest potential by connecting the mind, body, and spirit, working through their fears, and empowering them to overcome obstacles. She holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Emerson College, an MFA in Dance Performance/Choreography from Smith College, is a RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor, and is currently finishing her Reiki I and II certifications. Stephanie has presented, led workshops, and consulted for many businesses and schools all over the country including National Dance Education Organization, National Council of Teachers of English, The Lovett Learning Institute, and several wellness retreats. 




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